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Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested, and we pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club. Please stop by any of our meetings to find out more about us.

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1845 154th Street
Surrey, BC

Other Clubs

Interest in Bonsai is growing, thanks to the many clubs and associations educating the public on the design, cultivation and appreciation of bonsai. Here are some useful links to other sites within the larger bonsai community.

The American Bonsai Society Web site lists Canadian clubs, including Alberta and British Columbia, not all of which have web sites.

Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering national bonsai organization for North America, including Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Founded in April of 2016, their objective was to share information and resources on the art of bonsai.

The Inland Empire Bonsai Society holds a monthly meeting on the third Sunday of each month. The meeting starts at noon at the Manito Park Meeting Room, which is just east of the Conservatory in Manito Park on Spokane’s South Hill.

The Vancouver Island Bonsai Club is a learning centered club who would like as many people as possible to enjoy and partake in Bonsai.

Located in Olympia, WA, our purpose is to enhance the enjoyment of the hobby of Bonsai by meeting together, having demonstrations, workshops, field trips and shows.

This website includes clubs from British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The purpose of the PNBCA Website is to share information among the member organizations.

The Bonsai Society of Portland, Oregon, promotes the art of bonsai through education. The Society meets monthly, presents guest speakers, shares bonsai information, holds public exhibits, maintains a library of books, videos and published materials about bonsai, has a mentorship program, and holds social events.

A non-profit organization dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai.