Crabapple Workshop

Great Day at Darts Hill

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Today we had a fantastic day at a BC Bonsai Society crabapple workshop. The day was hosted by Dart’s Hill Garden Park in Surrey, where we not only got to have the workshop in their great covered area, but we also got a personal tour of the gardens by our very own Pam.  It is great having people in our club that belong to others, and finding ways for two clubs to work together for everyones benefit.  Thank you to Darts Hill for being such great hosts to BC Bonsai and to Pam, Peter and Jim for all their work in organizing the day!

The workshop itself involved getting a great tree, and doing that important first work to turn a field grown specimen into bonsai.  We cut back major roots, and unneeded branches and carefully wired and repotted our trees.  The white flowers on the trees showed exactly what we were getting and already I can imagine the finished trees, in full bloom at one of our shows in the coming years.  Fantastic!

The best part of the day of course was the hands on experience and the chance to connect with each other as we rolled up our sleeves and worked on great material.  I hope to see even more members at our next event!

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