Flowering/Deciduous Study Group – Spring Session

The flowering and deciduous study group held their first meeting on April 3rd, 2012. As one would suspect from the group’s name there was quite a variety of trees and shrubs brought to this initial meeting. A total of 8 club members were able to attend the inaugural meeting. The primary focus at this meeting was styling of members trees led by Tak. There were so many different varieties present Tak had his work cut out for the evening. We had everything from azaleas to Japanese maples to Korean lilacs to a black hawthorn. The ages, sizes and species varied and everyone was able to see variations in styling across a broad spectrum of bonsai material.

Most of the trees were quite young so a large focus was on assessment of the best features of the trees and initial styling. Under Tak’s tutelage we were all able to decide upon the best direction to proceed with each tree. Finding the bonsai that lay within an untrained tree proves to be a challenge for most people and I find a study group such as this beneficial in improving my skills. The small group format allows club members to easily interact and discuss ideas and find solutions for their bonsai. I find a study group the best way to improve my own skills due to the pure workshop environment and the open exchange of ideas.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2012 and if any club members are interested in attending please contact Pam or Peter.

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