Helpful Tips: Equipment Guide

You don’t need a lot of equipment to start your bonsai hobby, but over time you will want to accumulate equipment to enhance your abilities and try new techniques.  A beginner kit focuses on basic technique and developing raw material quickly to build your collection.  As your trees develop and you transplant into bonsai pots, it is nice to add tools for repotting and refinement.  Finally, as your collection gets larger and you are willing to take more risks, specialized tools for techniques like grafting and carving can be added.  The following suggestions give you an ideal of what you may want to purchase at each stage of your hobby.

Beginner Kit – to develop raw material

Medium Sheers

Wire Cutters

Cut Sealing Paste

3 Sizes of Wire – S, M, L

Chop Sticks

Grow Boxes

Homemade Bonsai Soil


Rooting Hormone

Gentle Spray Hose Attachment or Watering Can

Intermediate Kit – to create compositions & refinement

Toolbox or Bucket

Bonsai Pots for the Trees You Own

Medium Branch Cutters

Large Sheers

Small Sheers


Whisk Broom



Root Hook

Brass Wire Brush




Spray Bottles

Advanced Kit – specialized technique & rare use items

Jin Pliers

Knob Cutter

Grafting Knife

Large Branch Cutters

Small Saw

Carving Tools

Branch Bender

Bending Tools

Super Thrive

Lime Sulphur

Stones for Rock Planting

More Pots

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